Sunday, 16 November 2014

Wake up cigarette call!

              Everyone knows that "smoking is injurious to health" as it’s carcinogenic in nature and can develop oral and lung cancer, but even though, in spite of that people are addicted to it. They don't only harm themselves, but also others in the process of smoking.

             Studies shows that urge to smoke vary from person to person. 32 % of people have their first light up as soon as they wake up, 31% smoke within 6 to 30 mins, & 19% smokers smoke more than an hour after waking, Out of these, the people  who light up cigarette as a wake up call, face the most disastrous effects of smoking.

        Wake up cigarette is inhaled by the person more deeply and thoroughly, due to this, higher levels of NNAL  - a by product of a tobacco specific carcinogen called NNK are found in their blood, thereby putting the pt in a higher risk group  for developing oral and lung cancer.

        This wake up cigarette call is harmful regardless of how many cigarettes they smoke in a day.

     Therefore It’s time to wake up… and stop this wake up cigarette call.. 


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