Monday, 20 October 2014

No to Tobacco Now

There’s no time like the ‘Present’ - Say ‘No’ to Tobacco Now…!!

                        If you’re thinking about quitting tobacco, do it now, as this is high time to kill this addiction which is eating away your life. Try to think & evaluate, how much you are losing, when you light up day after day, year after year.

                        Tobacco comes with a warning sign that it’s injurious to health, in spite of that people get addicted to looking cool. It’s rightly said while having cigarette, you have fire on one end and fool on the other end.

                      Quitting is not so easy, as your body gets addicted to the “Nicotine” present in the tobacco, but you should look out for a strong reason as to why you want to leave this addiction, there are many reasons out of which only some of them are:-

  • Quit for your health
  • Quit for your looks and appearance
  • Quit for your loved ones, as they are also in danger of second hand smoking when you smoke.
  • Quit for your financial growth.

Be determined for this & you can see the benefits…

  1. Within some time of quitting, you can see the improvement regarding your health. You will have less occurrence of infections, your immune power increases.
  2.  Lower chance of blood clot formation, which can lead to lung diseases, or heart diseases.
  3. Lower the risk of infertility problems.
  4. An improvement in your looks, staining of teeth, lips, fingernails decrease etc. Apart from this bad breadth decreases…. Your sense of taste and smell comes back.
  5. Improvement in your finances, as you can save on your money by stopping to spend on tobacco and as well as related health problems.
  6. Lower the risk of  health hazard of your loved ones.
  7.  Lower the risk of your children imitating yourself.

                  As told earlier, the path to the right thing is always so difficult, but you can always take help of counselors who can provide you help with replacement therapies, so as to avoid the relapse of this ‘Deadly’ addiction.

Smoke away the fear for your life.. Say no to Tobacco today itself….!!